Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Urban Decay: Midnight Cowboy Junkie Set

Earlier this month, (before I decided to try not to buy more makeup) I bought Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy Junkie Set. I almost feel like I got it because I long for the Naked palette and I need something to keep my mind off of it until I get it's not working though...

I really do like this palette a lot. The shadows are great for creating night looks in my opinion, because they are really glittery and I prefer matte or even subtle shimmery looks for the day. The descriptions below are from the Urban Decay website and they're dead on!

Midnight Cowboy (pink champagne w/ lots of silver glitter)
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (golden beige w/ bronze, gold & silver glitter)
Midnight Cowgirl (subtle golden-beige w/ gold glitter)
Romp (deep silvery grape)

**swatches coming soon!**
(I lost the swatch file and now can't find my camera...wamp, wamp...)

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: Whiskey
As far as I know, all of the Urban Decay palettes come with a 24/7 eyeliner. This one came with Whiskey, a dark brown that compliments the shadows and is perfect for daytime looks.

Lip Junkie Lip Gloss: Midnight Cowboy
The set also came with a Midnight Cowboy lipgloss. It's basically the Midnight Cowboy lipstick in lipgloss form: sheer nude and full of glitter. I will never use this so I will probably give it to my sister.

I was just a few dollars shy of free shipping so I decided to get a single eyeshadow in Shakedown. It's a beautiful taupe with a matte finish.

++Also! I am still in the process of tallying up all the giveaway entries. The winner will be announced this weekend and my new giveaway will be announced after Thanksgiving!! (: ++


  1. Yeah, I have actually been really tempted to get this Cowboy collection. I have the NAKED pallet and don't want to buy anything that is the same, you know. I think I might get it. It looks so pretty.And you can never really go wrong with Urban Decay.

  2. I kick myself all the time for not getting the Naked palette when it first came out...but little did I know that it was going to be so popular! (I don't know why I thought that lol!)...You're right, you can never go wrong with Urban Decay. (:

  3. Looove the eyeliner pencil color :D

  4. I love that UD palettes mostly comes with the mini eyeliner. :D Another pretty palette, but I like my NAKED more. >.<

  5. i must point on ,, GREAT pics and swatches ,, bravo =D
    and colors look amazing =)
    love UD ,, if we only had their makeup here =( boo .

  6. SiSi-I've been using that eyeliner almost everyday! I love it!

    Miss &hearts Nikka-I agree, you can hold off on buying a full size eyeliner for a while lol. I think I would like the Naked palette more too, it gives you tons of gorgeous eyeshadows and lets you create more looks. (:

    Princess Feef-Thanks so much! It's not always easy to get nice pictures with a point and shoot. (: Aww, that sucks. I wish all makeup was available everywhere because I can't always get what I want either.

  7. it's tempting...Pencil looks good and the palette as well.

  8. Urban Decay is so delicious!
    I love your blog
    following you now...
    Britt xx


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