Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love At First Swipe ♥ Sigma F80 Brush

There was a lot of buzz going around this year about Sigma's F80 brush so I decided to get it a few months back. O-M-G. I'm so glad I did. This brush is heaven-sent!

It's a flat top synthetic kabuki brush with soft but dense bristles. The density of the brush really helps you get the most out of your product since the (liquid) foundation doesn't sink through the bristles and it allows for easy and even application.

The most I'll use the brush before washing it is twice, so I've washed it plenty of times already and it has not shed. I haven't experienced any streaking with this brush, which is pretty much a miracle when it comes to foundation brushes because I usually have to buff it out with a sponge. This brush buffs out your application and leaves a flawless, air brushed finish.

This is definitely a MUST HAVE and should be added to your collection pron-to!

I'm very happy with this company. I love that their brushes are so affordable and well made.

You can purchase yours at

What are your favorite Sigma brushes? I'm going to add more to my collection soon. (:


  1. I heard good things about these brushes from youtube. Im debating on whether i should get the set or just get the best ones (from those who said were the best).

  2. thanks for the review :) I haven't got any sigma brushes but I'm thinking about it :)

  3. Awesome review. Gald to hear all the details about this brush. I love Sigma brushes. Im actually really considering adding this one to my collection. Well Who am I kidding, Im not considering it. IM GOING TO DO IT!! haha. Thanks doll ttyl

  4. you know i ordered this too, hated it....then i used it with studio tech foundation and i hated it more...then i tried spraying fix+ solution to the brush before using foundation and now it gives an AMAZING finish to my makeup.

  5. Cari-I think if you can get a good deal you should get the set, otherwise just buy a few to see how they work for you...but they're fab!

    Dyna-Definitely try them out! You won't regret it. (:

    Elizabeth-Their brushes are amazing! I'm getting another one for my client kit. (:

  6. Janine-I haven't had any problems with it, but I'm going to try the fix - trick. I'll try anything that makes my foundation look better! Lol.

  7. I haven't tried this brush, but I would love to.


  8. i have it, and i'm really liking it, too!

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