Sunday, November 7, 2010

When Will Your Makeup Expire?

In my last post I mentioned that I'm trying HARD not to buy more makeup because I have so much that I don't use and it will all expire eventually...

After posting that, I went to check my yahoo mail and saw that they were featuring an article on makeup expiration. I literally threw my hands in the air and screamed out "yesss!" (I'm such a dork)...

I know I could've looked it up before but I saw it as a sign and decided to read the article and blog about it. If you're interested in reading the whole article, you can click HERE.

Here is the breakdown:

MASCARA: change it every 2-3 months

LIQUID FOUNDATION: change it every 6-12 months//keep out of moist environments (i.e. bathroom)

CONCEALER: [Powder & Stick] up to 2 years [Liquid] change after 1 year

FACE POWDER: up to 2 years

BLUSH: [Cream] replace after 1 year [Powder] up to 2 years

EYE SHADOW: change after 3 months :o(

EYELINER: change after 3 months :o(

LIPSTICK & LIPGLOSS: change after 1 year

The article also briefly explains that once your nail polish begins to separate and become clumpy that it's time to toss it out...but we all know that already. It also mentioned to thoroughly clean makeup brushes and applicators every two weeks and to store them upright (which I'm pretty sure most of us do). This will prevent them from growing bacteria and will allow them to last longer.

As you can see from the breakdown, I was very upset to find out that eye shadows and eyeliners should be thrown out after 3 months. If you clean your brushes after every use, the eyeshadows will accumulate less bacteria and will last a little longer and if you sharpen your eyeliner pencils often, they will be good for a little longer too. I think I will do a couple of things to make sure I get the most out of my makeup:

1-buy stickers that I can easily stick to my makeup to know when they will expire.

2-buy more travel size products (i.e. eyeliners, etc.) and use those instead, since the full size is recommended to be thrown out after 3 months.

To be completely honest however, I will probably continue to use a lot of my makeup well after the expiration date. (As long as it still looks like it's in good condition of course). I don't have a huge makeup collection, but I think you would have to have a really small one to use ALL of your products before they expire. I mean eye shadows alone cannot all be used in three months, especially if you have palettes full.

I can go on and on, but I think I've given you all enough to read. (:

What are some things you guys do to make sure you get the most out of your makeup or to make it last longer? Any tips?


  1. Thanks for the tips! =)

  2. Really awesome tips doll. Thank you. Its insane how much info you need to know just over makeup. But its good to know:)

  3. Thanks, What! Eyeshadows change after 3 months. What the need for expensive makeup then?

  4. I made a similar post about this same article last week!:] I was like... eyeshadow?? 3 months??

  5. Yech!! I have stuff that is way too old. And I put in on my face. Yech!!!

    Thanks so much for cluing me in.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I read something like this on my yahoo too. It so sad to know that there's expiration dates on makeup. I do toss out my mascara every 3 months, I used it up anyways. I try to only use one mascara at a time, for lipglosses I try to use disposable wands, I always spot clean my brushes for every use so that should help for less bacteria to grow. Having labels is a great idea too.

  7. Miss ♥ Nikka-I'm good about tossing out my mascara too, but I need to work on everything else. LOL! Disposable wands is a GREAT idea!! I'm definitely doing that!

  8. Thanks for sharing this information !!!!


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