Wednesday, February 9, 2011

M·A·C: Wonder Woman

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My Wonder Woman package finally got here a couple of days ago.
I was anxiously waiting for it and think it got delayed because of the blizzard.
I only got three things:

I like the box packaging better than the compact packaging lol.
It reminds me of children's makeup, but it's what's inside that counts.

First things first, this msf is huge! (0.70 oz.)
If you have a light complexion you can use the trio as a highlight, bronzer & blush, but you can also mix them together to create different shades.
The blush can work as a nice highlight on darker skin tones.
I think these shades can be dupable so if you can't get your hands on it you can probably find other products that will work just as well.
It is nice however to have a trio like this to throw in your makeup bag & for traveling so that you don't have to haul around tons of makeup.
I really like the lipstick packaging, I love the red star detail against the gold on the top part of the tube.

This lipstick is a pinky-nude with a lustre finish.
If Hue (satin) and The Faerie Glen l/e (lustre) had a baby it'd be Marquise d'.

This lipstick is a deep magenta with a satin finish.
It has more red undertones than Petals & Peacocks l/e (amplified).

The collection launches in stores and counters tomorrow.
Have you guys pick up anything from this collection yet?
If not, what's on your list?


  1. Hey, do you think that spitfire and petals and peacocks will look good on asian skin that has is more yellow?

  2. I want nothing from this collection, maybe the MSF if it's not too glittery. Thanks for the swatches though!

  3. I really want to pick up those 2 lipsticks you have love the colors and the blush in amazon princess!

    I just started my blog would appreciate it if you could check it out!

  4. Fannie-I have a neutral skin tone but usually warmer tones look better on me and I absolutely love how those two lipsticks look. I usually wear nudes so it's a little intimidating at first but I love those for an evening or night out.

    EllysMakeupbag-The MSF is definitely the highlight for me. It's not glittery but the highlight and blush do have shimmer sheen to it. It's definitely a collection you can pass up.

    Liz-I was tempted to get Amazon Princess too but had to pass. :o( --and I already follow your blog. (:

  5. i picked up both the lipsticks you picked up..aren't they bother soo pretty =) however the 'marquise'd' is my sisters. i'm thinking of picking one up for myself =)

  6. I loved the idea of this line , always loved Wonder Woman but the excitement turned to sadness. I'm dark brown skinned & none of the colors are doing anything for me :(. I'll get a lipstick... that's all I can use from this collection. Thanx a lot MAC! LOL

  7. The packaging is not what I thought it would be, Im actually dissapointed =( but after seeing your review I may pick up a lipstick and the MSF..Thanks! =)

  8. Lucky! I really want some of the Lipsticks, Love wonder woman!
    Check out my blog?

  9. I got the msf too, I wish ive gotten marquise d and i also want the blush. Maybe not..I own too many blushes. But the msf is nice to have to travel, i agree! But the blush doesnt seem to show up on me too well.

  10. charlene-ann-I wore Spitfire made me feel like Wonder Woman lol.

    PrincessBritt-I did notice that about the collection, but look on the bright side, you saved lots of money. ;o]

    MakeUpbyLaura1-I really didn't like the Venomous Villains packaging either, the last one I really liked was from the Liberty of London collection. Let me know what you get. (:

    Sarah-I liked Spitfire the best because I already have soo many nudes...I'm following your blog now. ;o]

    Miss ♥ Nikka-Let me know if you get the lipstick, I wanted a blush too but I'll wait for Cremeblend Blushes. I used the MSF today and the blush didn't show too well either. :o/

  11. I cant wait to buy this for myself. The swatches looks so good and i'd love to play around with this colors. :-)


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