Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss

I had my eyes on a few things from the Hello Kitty collection at Sephora so I decided to stop by last weekend since I had to return a couple of things.
I wasn't too impressed with the collection and only ended up getting two things.

The packaging is really nice and the glosses twist up like lipsticks. These babies are $16 a piece. Yikes!
I honestly didn't even check the price until after I checked out because I was exchanging some things anyway.

These glosses are hydrating and not sticky at all but they are very sheer (and smell like candy!). They remind me of something I would have purchased when I was a little girl. (:

They're probably ideal for girls that don't wear a lot of makeup or for those lazy days when you want to keep your makeup to a minimum or don't feel like wearing lipstick or lipgloss.
I really do like them but for the price I wouldn't purchase them again.

I don't know if this is going to be a permanent line at Sephora but the Sweet Glosses were the only things I really liked.
Did anyone get anything from the Hello Kitty line?


  1. I've seen these a few days ago and I wasn't really impressed.

    Thanks for the swatches, my sister might like Pinkie.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. The whole collection was a little underwhelming to me & the price tags just didn't make me want to buy it either!
    Thanks for the swatches!


  3. Awwww i love everything hello kitty !!!! But those glosses are realy really sheer..we dont have sephore here in india which is a bummer!

  4. The package's cute & colors very nice.
    It's my first time on ur blog, love ur posts!
    Im now a follower

  5. Marie-They were the only things I really liked from the collection besides the mirrors, but I decided I really didn't need the mirrors. The price convinced me lol.

    Savannah-I agree! No problem. (:

    PnB-Yeah, they are. "The Boy" wouldn't even know you had anything on! lol.

    YASMINE-Thanks for following. (:


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