Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MAC Brule VS. Wet n Wild Brulee

When I was younger I would always get Wet n Wild products because they were affordable so my mom never said no haha...of course the quality wasn't great but I'm very happy that they've stepped up their game! Earlier this year I noticed that they had some new products so I decided to try them out. If I didn't like them, it was only a few bucks wasted. Obviously I wasn't the only one that noticed how great their products are now because it seems like almost everyone is raving about their lipsticks and eye shadows. It's honestly my first stop in the makeup section and has become my favorite drug store brand!
A few months back I was at Jewel with my boyfriend and just happened to pass by the makeup aisle. They were having a ridiculous Wet n Wild sale: all the single eyeshadows and lipsticks were only $1.

I bought about five of them, one being Brulee. I was drawn to it because I thought it'd be a good dupe for MAC's Brule.
MAC $14.50 -OR- $11 in pan form/Satin Finish

Wet n Wild $1.99 (they're usually on sale for less)/Satin Finish
As you can tell by the swatches, they are very similar. They are both really pigmented. The picture below allows you to see the comparison a little better than the ones above.
I had a hard time editing them so that they would be true to color, but Brule has a yellow undertone while Brulee has a pinkish undertone.

Bottom line: If you don't have the money or don't want to spend more than $10 on a MAC eyeshadow, definitely check out Wet n Wild!


  1. I so agree. Wet n Wild has improved by leaps and bounds! I love their stuff now! ;)

  2. Wow =O they're identical!! I'm glad Wet n Wild has improved and is still affordable=)
    Great post! xoxo

  3. PrincessBritt-Absolutely, I love their products now!

    BombbDotCom-Yeah, they're soo similar! (...and I agree).

    Miss ♥ Nikka-Check out some of their other single eyeshadows too! They're soo pigmented and affordable. (:

  4. love the post! :) so helpful!
    definitely going to follow you!

    follow back! :)


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