Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A few weeks ago E.L.F. had a 60% Off a $25/+ Purchase. Since a lot of their products are only a dollar or just a little more, I thought this was a good opportunity to buy and try out a few things I've never used before. Here is what I got:

Peachy Keen, Gotta Glow, Blushing Rose.
I've only used Peachy Keen and Gotta Glow. I would only use Peachy Keen again if I were doing my makeup for a night out (it has quite a bit of shimmer in it and I hate shimmer blushes, bronzers, etc.)...even though Gotta Glow is also a shimmery, if you use just a small amount, it works well for a beautiful highlight!

Studio Brushes
Blush Brush: This brush is pretty flat so I prefer to use it as a highlight brush for my face. It's the perfect size and so far I love it.
Complexion Brush: This brush is also pretty flat and it may be because of the packaging (I haven't washed it yet). It's good for setting concealer/foundation.

Nourishing Cuticle Pen
I haven't used this much but I did see results right away. It really moisturizes your cuticles well and gets rid of flakey bits.

Nail Polishes
Nude, Champagne, Mod Mauve

Desert Haze, Smoky Brown, Chocolate

Plum, Rosy Raisin, Purple Pleaser
I've only used a few of these nail polishes and they are alright. The polish dries fast but the formula is just a little weird when it dries. If you don't apply a top coat immediately you will get scratches on your nails. My biggest problem with these are that some of them were packaged as if they had been used already. The bottles don't seem full and when you open them there are pieces of dry nail polish around the ring...what's that all about? :o/ (You can see what I mean if you look at the the polish in the middle in the second picture).

Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish
I wasn't a big fan of matte nails for a long time, but now I have realized that the right color can look gorgeous with a matte finish! This is the first matte top coat I've owned and it's pretty much like a thick glaze. You only need a small amount to top your nails off and it dries fast.

Mineral Face Primer
WOW! I absolutely love this primer!! It goes on silky smooth (as a clear gel) and my makeup lasts all day long! I'm definitely reordering this product.

Large Brush Holder
I've been wanting this for a while, but I never wanted to pay $15 for it because I didn't think it was worth it...so because of the awesome deal I was getting I decided to buy it because I need more brush storage. It's super simple and I think I'm going to separate my brushes in that oder (eyes, lips, face)...I'll decide when I buy more bean bag fill.

I really want to know if any of you have purchased E.L.F. nail polishes and if you have had the same experience.

-♥ Ariana


  1. Nice haul, it's feels so nice to get stuff on sale! : ) Thanks for sharing. My Target just added their line so I will be checking their stuff out for myself soon : )

  2. p.s.

    I gave you an award, come and check it out!

  3. great haul =)

    enjoy your goodies .

  4. @thestartsteam-Yes it does! That's awesome, the one I regularly go to doesn't carry E.L.F. anymore. :o( ...and THANK YOU soo much for the award! (:

    @Princess Feef-Thanks! I will!

  5. Hey girly:)))

    Loving your ELF haul...

    I'm doing a blog sale at the moment...of MAC IN THE GROOVE COLLECTION...check it out when you get a chance:))


  6. My Smoky Brown nail polish looked exactly the same way, I thought it was so strange! It looks like it's going to be really streaky and watery, but I haven't actually applied it yet.

  7. nice haul
    keep it up
    and take a look at my blog

  8. Omg such a nice haul. Do you like fashion blogs with outfits and trends? I think you could check on my blog and feel free to follow me. I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . I would be so glad.
    ♥, Jo

  9. @Makeupthoughts-Thanks Dee! Nice post, I wish I could buy something. :o(

    @Jennifer-I wonder why it looks like that...I actually tried it on my (finger) nails and toes..it wasn't as streaky as i thought, but pretty watery. It looks fine on my toes, but didn't last long on my finger nails.


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